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Album: What Dosen't Kill Me [free mp3]

Release: 2009 year
Artist: Ektomorf
Album Tracks: 14 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

What Dosen't Kill Me download


File Size      #
1. Ektomorf - Rat War.mp3 (3.96mb) download
2. Ektomorf - Nothing Left.mp3 (4.32mb) download
3. Ektomorf - What Dosen't Kill Me....mp3 (4.66mb) download
4. Ektomorf - Revenge To All.mp3 (6.18mb) download
5. Ektomorf - Love And Live.mp3 (5.88mb) download
6. Ektomorf - I Can See You.mp3 (6.88mb) download
7. Ektomorf - I Got It All.mp3 (5.58mb) download
8. Ektomorf - New Life.mp3 (6.09mb) download
9. Ektomorf - Sick Of It All.mp3 (5.41mb) download
10. Ektomorf - It's Up To You.mp3 (5.44mb) download
11. Ektomorf - Envy.mp3 (5.48mb) download
12. Ektomorf - Scream.mp3 (5.90mb) download
13. Ektomorf - Breed The Fire.mp3 (4.42mb) download
14. Ektomorf - Born For Destruction.mp3 (4.02mb) download

Album: Outcast [free mp3]

Release: 2006 year
Artist: Ektomorf
Album Tracks: 12 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Outcast download


File Size      #
1. Ektomorf - Outcast.mp3 (7.49mb) download
2. Ektomorf - I Choke.mp3 (4.51mb) download
3. Ektomorf - Ambush In The Night.mp3 (6.33mb) download
4. Ektomorf - I'm Against.mp3 (6.12mb) download
5. Ektomorf - We Rise.mp3 (6.07mb) download
6. Ektomorf - Red I.mp3 (5.45mb) download
7. Ektomorf - Who Can I Trust (Prayer).mp3 (7.55mb) download
8. Ektomorf - Leave Me Alone.mp3 (5.48mb) download
9. Ektomorf - Fuel My Fire.mp3 (6.58mb) download
10. Ektomorf - I Confront My Enemy.mp3 (5.48mb) download
11. Ektomorf - Hell Is Here.mp3 (6.58mb) download
12. Ektomorf - Chamunda.mp3 (3.37mb) download

Album: Instinct [free mp3]

Release: 2005 year
Artist: Ektomorf
Album Tracks: 12 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Instinct download


File Size      #
1. Ektomorf - Set Me Free.mp3 (6.03mb) download
2. Ektomorf - Show Your Fist.mp3 (6.30mb) download
3. Ektomorf - Instinct.mp3 (7.76mb) download
4. Ektomorf - Burn.mp3 (7.70mb) download
5. Ektomorf - The Holy Noise.mp3 (6.89mb) download
6. Ektomorf - Fuck You All.mp3 (6.17mb) download
7. Ektomorf - United Nations.mp3 (8.83mb) download
8. Ektomorf - Land Of Pain.mp3 (2.78mb) download
9. Ektomorf - I Break You.mp3 (7.68mb) download
10. Ektomorf - You Get What You Give.mp3 (5.33mb) download
11. Ektomorf - Until The End.mp3 (7.55mb) download
12. Ektomorf - I Will.mp3 (7.38mb) download

Album: Destroy [free mp3]

Release: 2004 year
Artist: Ektomorf
Album Tracks: 15 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Destroy download


File Size      #
1. Ektomorf - I Know Them.mp3 (6.97mb) download
2. Ektomorf - Destroy.mp3 (5.76mb) download
3. Ektomorf - Gypsy.mp3 (6.93mb) download
4. Ektomorf - No Compromise.mp3 (4.28mb) download
5. Ektomorf - Everything.mp3 (4.71mb) download
6. Ektomorf - From Far Away.mp3 (7.26mb) download
7. Ektomorf - Painful But True.mp3 (7.64mb) download
8. Ektomorf - Only God.mp3 (3.87mb) download
9. Ektomorf - You Are My Shelter.mp3 (7.51mb) download
10. Ektomorf - A.E.A..mp3 (7.72mb) download
11. Ektomorf - From My Heart.mp3 (6.45mb) download
12. Ektomorf - Tear Apart.mp3 (2.81mb) download
13. Ektomorf - A Romok Alatt (Bonus).mp3 (5.94mb) download
14. Ektomorf - Nem Engedem (Bonus).mp3 (5.63mb) download
15. Ektomorf - Kalyi Jag (Bonus).mp3 (3.91mb) download

Album: Kalyi Jag [free mp3]

Release: 2004 year
Artist: Ektomorf
Album Tracks: 15 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Kalyi Jag download


File Size      #
1. Ektomorf - Son Of The Fire.mp3 (9.75mb) download
2. Ektomorf - Sunto Del Mulo.mp3 (14.12mb) download
3. Ektomorf - Freely.mp3 (6.62mb) download
4. Ektomorf - Romungro.mp3 (7.41mb) download
5. Ektomorf - For You.mp3 (4.85mb) download
6. Ektomorf - For The Last Time.mp3 (11.26mb) download
7. Ektomorf - Always Believe In Yourself.mp3 (3.61mb) download
8. Ektomorf - Open Up You Eyes.mp3 (5.22mb) download
9. Ektomorf - Save My Soul.mp3 (12.12mb) download
10. Ektomorf - The Way I Do.mp3 (5.48mb) download
11. Ektomorf - Brothersong.mp3 (6.35mb) download
12. Ektomorf - Don't Need.mp3 (5.25mb) download
13. Ektomorf - Fly.mp3 (7.21mb) download
14. Ektomorf - Kalyi Jag.mp3 (6.07mb) download
15. Ektomorf - Forgotten Fire.mp3 (8.15mb) download

Album: I Scream Up To The Sky [free mp3]

Release: 2002 year
Artist: Ektomorf
Album Tracks: 13 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

I Scream Up To The Sky download


File Size      #
1. Ektomorf - I Scream Up To The Sky.mp3 (5.42mb) download
2. Ektomorf - You Leech.mp3 (5.08mb) download
3. Ektomorf - Fire.mp3 (5.21mb) download
4. Ektomorf - I Miss You.mp3 (3.03mb) download
5. Ektomorf - An Les Devla.mp3 (4.92mb) download
6. Ektomorf - I'm Free.mp3 (3.03mb) download
7. Ektomorf - A Hard Day's Night.mp3 (4.61mb) download
8. Ektomorf - If I Weren't.mp3 (5.04mb) download
9. Ektomorf - Fajdalom Konnyei.mp3 (6.93mb) download
10. Ektomorf - You Are.mp3 (3.52mb) download
11. Ektomorf - Scum.mp3 (2.81mb) download
12. Ektomorf - Serial Men.mp3 (2.21mb) download
13. Ektomorf - Blood In Blood.mp3 (17.56mb) download

Album: Hangok [free mp3]

Release: 1996 year
Artist: Ektomorf
Album Tracks: 15 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Hangok download


File Size      #
1. Ektomorf - Nekem Ne Mondd Meg.mp3 (1.87mb) download
2. Ektomorf - Shalom.mp3 (4.44mb) download
3. Ektomorf - Engedelyezett Gyilkossag.mp3 (3.02mb) download
4. Ektomorf - Hangok.mp3 (4.43mb) download
5. Ektomorf - Uvolto Felelem.mp3 (2.17mb) download
6. Ektomorf - Kivulrol Nezve.mp3 (3.02mb) download
7. Ektomorf - Jovatehetetlen.mp3 (3.60mb) download
8. Ektomorf - Terror.mp3 (2.81mb) download
9. Ektomorf - A Romok Alatt.mp3 (3.29mb) download
10. Ektomorf - Jezus Var.mp3 (3.51mb) download
11. Ektomorf - Statisztika.mp3 (2.33mb) download
12. Ektomorf - Belulrol.mp3 (2.86mb) download
13. Ektomorf - Ellenallas.mp3 (2.23mb) download
14. Ektomorf - A Vilag Szenved.mp3 (6.44mb) download
15. Ektomorf - Haboru Szindroma.mp3 (0.78mb) download

[ Miley Cyrus: I Miss You ]

Artist: Miley Cyrus
Song: I Miss You

Sha-la-la-la-la, sha-la-la-la-la
You used to call me your angel
Said I was sent straight down from heaven
You'd hold me close in your arms

I loved the way you felt so strong
I never wanted you to leave
I wanted you to stay here holding me

I miss you
I miss your smile
And I still shed a tear
Every once in a while
And even though it's different now
You're still here somehow
My heart won't let you go
And I need you to know
I miss you, sha la la la la
I miss you

You used to call me your dreamer
And now I'm living out my dream
Oh how I wish you could see
Everything that's happening for me
I'm thinking back on the past
It's true that time is flying by too fast


I know you're in a better place, yeah
But I wish that I could see your face, oh
I know you're where you need to be
Even though it's not here with me


(I miss you)

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